I joined Twitter a while ago, and after making every effort to tweet every day about my photography and read what everyone else had to say, I started to slow down a little, and recently I've practically disappeared on there (despite still having people start to follow me).

So, to renew my interest and faith in the social networking tool I've decided to gather as many wildlife facts as possible to have at least one interesting tweet a day!

Facts such as:

Caterpillars have some 2000 muscles in their tiny bodies

There are 56 species of butterfly in the UK

The top butterfly flight speed is 12mph

In Lithuania, be sure to point out the beautiful "drugelis", or butterflies!

In Britain, there are 26 species of ladybird

Plus many others! So, if you want to find out more about the wildlife in this world, be sure to follow me on Twitter @FionaEwersPhoto !
I've been doing some thinking, which is always a dangerous thing! I wanted to post more butterfly photos in the gallery but realised that it could get very full very quickly!
So, I have decided to split them up again! I think this will also help if you are looking for a specific butterfly, but will also help in keeping the galleries short and neat.

I've started with a Marbled White Gallery.

I've also added an Abstract Gallery, as just recently I have started experimenting with the artistic capabilities of the camera. I've been trying bracketing, zoom bursts, long exposures plus much more, and had great fun whilst on a recent trip to London and the Tate Modern in particular.

More galleries will be added and added to soon, so please check back!
So much has happened (and not happened) since my last post!

First of all, we did not stay for the craft market in Kingsbury, Aylesbury, on 30th June. The wind and rain was immense, and whilst setting up I could see that our prints would either end up blowing away, or getting wet, or both! So, very sheepishly we said goodbye to the organiser and made our way home, feeling pretty down and dejected.

When we parked back at our shop (my husband's business), we decided to turn the front of the shop into a gallery so that we could display our photos inside, away from the elements. Within about 2 hours, we had stripped all the stock off the slat wall, moved the counter to the side, and brought in the two tables we would have used at the craft market! A short while later, the photos were on the walls!

I am getting really excited about our first event tomorrow! From 10am until 3pm myself and my husband Danny will be at the Aylesbury Craft Fair, Kingsbury, Aylesbury, so if anyone wants to pop by, that would be lovely!

This is the first event that we have done to sell our nature photographs, and I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that's it a success.

I will be posting photos of our stall, including new gazebo and print displays tomorrow. Until then, wish us luck!
Today has been monumentous! I have booked a stall for my first ever art & craft event! I will be at the Handmade & Homemade Craft Market at Jansel Square on Bedgrove, Aylesbury on Tuesday 31st July. The Facebook page for this event is http://www.facebook.com/groups/234338963348563/ I have already ordered mounts for my photos, which should be arriving tomorrow, and I'll be sending the images for print very soon. Excited!!
I have now created my own photography page on Facebook! It's looking a little naked at the moment, but please drop by, take a look and "like" by clicking below, thanks!
Well, once again I have decided to change the look of the website! I have changed the style, as well as my logo, to give a more generic photography feel. I don't want to just be seen as a flower and butterfly photographer. Even though these two subjects are my favourite, I wanted to showcase some other work that I have done, to show my versatility. Here are some examples:
I will be updating the website over the next few days too, with a view to eventually opening a shop for you to buy prints. So, watch this space!
Unfortunately because of ill health during February and March, I had to abandon the 365 Project (as the idea is to take one photo a day) :o( But, not to be beaten I have re-launched the 365 Project as the 2012 Project - to take as many natural patterns and textures as possible, so examples of recent shots are shown below:
To make it a little easier to view, I have split the photos into different categories - just click on the images above to be taken to the corresponding Galleries. Alternatively, click to see the 2012 Project Page, and go from there! More photos will be added shortly, as well as more info over the whole website! So far there are 154 images in this project, with more to be added very soon!
I've actually found the last few days quite interesting, with the snowfall, and ice, although my chosen photographs have not been as predictable as I thought:
I am particularly proud of my shot of the bullrush head, expelling it's seeds into a gentle winter breeze, taken Saturday afternoon, by a pond next to a main road! To anyone else walking by, this spectacle would have been an inconvience. The seeds were being blown all over the place, and would they would have landed on people's clothes and in their hair!

But for me, it was wonderful! And I took quite a few backlit shots that really show off the textures in the head of the bullrush and also in the fluffy seeds. This was a photo opportunity that I wasn't expecting!

The other shot I am liking a lot is the beech leaf. I am not quite sure what type of creature eats its way through the leaf in such a creative, geometrical manner, but it instantly became my shot of the day! This was also shot close to home, so it's amazing the textures and patterns that can be found on your doorstep!

Until next time... happy 'toggin'
A little later than planned but the February Gallery is now up and running for the 365 Project. Although the weather has been pretty harsh so far this month, it has given me a whole new pallette of patterns and textures to choose from. And a long walk in local countryside also turned up an unexpected, but interesting feather shot. Here they are:
So, check out the February Gallery, and let's see if the weather they forecast for the weekend (lots of snow Saturday), gives me the opportunity to take some more interesting shots! I promise I'll update the Gallery more often soon!

Plus, watch out for a competition at the end of March to mark the end of the first quarter of my project!!